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We are a family run rabbitry who have been specializing in Holland Lop and Lionhead rabbits for over 15 years. We are located in Wilbraham Massachusetts at 22 Bridge Street. Two miles from exit 7 off the Mass Pike (MAP) in beautiful New England. We raise Lionhead and Holland Lop rabbits for show and pets. They have a wonderful nature and are, relatively, easy to train. We show them with our children and it makes for an excellent bonding experience. Contact Us.

SALES POLICY Family 4-h run rabbitry. Specializing in Hollands and Lionheads. We have a 7 day health policy with all our bunnies. Sales are final no refunds. We do however offer an exchange of a rabbit if it's misgendered or not the right temperament for your family.

Massachusetts Rabbit Breeders


Holland Lops are the smallest of the lop eared rabbits, weighing between 3 and 4 lbs., They have a wonderful temperament and are easy to train. Breeders and owners both enjoy Holland Lop Rabbits..


The Holland Lop is a dwarf rabbit, having Netherland Dwarfs as part of their original make up. They are active and quite playful, so they should be housed in a cage that will give them plenty of room...


The Lionhead is a newer breed of domestic rabbit and is thought to have been developed after a genetic mutation resulted in an animal that displayed a luxuriant mane of hair around the head like a lion...


The Lionhead positively craves attention and because of this usually makes a gentle, easy going pet that is remarkably well-mannered. They can occasionally be timid, but are usually lively, like many small breeds...

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