2019-03-07 20:07:33
Ashley: Hi! Any way to find out when my little Netherland Dwarf was born? I adopted Buster around 2007. Thanks!
2018-03-05 00:40:28
John Doe: Nice Bunnies
2017-08-27 12:21:24
Charlotte Powell:

I named her rosey
2017-08-27 12:19:01
Charlotte: Can you put my bunny on the webcam? Thanks you.
2017-07-28 11:29:10
lexi: Do you have any baby lion he heads
2017-05-09 17:50:24
Donna: Yes Cadence we will. Please use our contact page or call me at 413-386_4580. Thanks!
2017-05-09 14:26:51
Cadence: Do you have any holland lop bunnies available soon?
2017-04-14 17:12:03
Donna: Yes we do. call me at 413-386-4580
2017-04-14 16:23:22
Sam: Do you have any Holland lop bunnies left?
2017-04-05 12:44:39
jan: ok thank you
2017-04-04 16:05:02
Kevin: Jan donna said she has talked to you and sorry she hasn't got back yet because she's been so busy. She'll get back to you tomorrow
2017-04-03 20:24:00
jan: thank you
2017-04-03 19:52:17
Kevin: Hi Jan. Donna is busy tonight but I'll give her the word.
2017-04-03 18:14:11
jan: are any avail at this time or are you around tonight to talk
2017-04-03 17:44:09
Donna: That is a nice color
2017-04-03 09:02:25
jan: maybe lilac
2017-04-03 09:02:15
jan: Donna _ i think i am leaning toward a female lop
2017-03-31 11:55:23
Donna: Ok Jan sounds good.
2017-03-31 11:08:08
jan: will text
2017-03-31 11:01:40
Donna: Hi Jan. Thanks for your interest!They are dwarf rabbits so they stay small. They both litter train. Please call me at 413 386 4580